The first step in getting into the Peoples Hall is the nominating vote. People can post the players, managers, and other influential characters they would like to see put up for vote. More than a 50% vote and they are eligible to be voted into the Peoples Hall. There is no blackballing, anyone who participated in baseball is eligible.


Current Voting

This is the final vote once a player has passed the nomination process. Voting will be open for a month for any given player. Once it is closed, additional votes can be cast for picture of the enshrined, and the city they will represent. Imagine Babe Ruth representing Boston!


The Hall

These are the pages of the players and influential characters you have chosen as the greatest of all time.

Peoples Baseball Hall of Fame Members

Our Mission

For years, fans have lamented at the fact they cannot choose who they think are the greatest players of all time. While simple, this website serves to reflect the opinions of the fans. Now is our chance to have a voice!

There are no exclusions or restrictions on who can get into the Peoples Baseball Hall of Fame. The only requirement is that the nominees participated in baseball activities. Nominate based on statistics, “what ifs”, favorite characters, or individuals that simply made the game more enjoyable.

Please note we are not in any way affiliated with Major League Baseball or the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

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